F1642 - Robbe / Futaba Kreisel GY 701+Governor

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Gyróscopo Futaba GY701 + Governor 1642
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GY 701 GYRO + GOVERNOR (F1642) 


GY701 gyro plus governor: the perfect DUO, combining the latest MEMS gyro sensor technology and speed governor.

The new MEMS gyro sensor features even higher sensitivity and rotational speed (up to 1200°/sec.), yet is highly resistant to vibration. The sensor is located in a separate aluminium housing for further improved vibration absorption, resulting in higher sensor sensitivity. 
Overall the enhanced sensitivity in conjunction with increased speed result in an even higher level of stabilisation. In conjunction with the ultra-fast micro-processor and a special PIC control algorithm the GY 701 delivers unprecedented performance for competition models. 

The electronics box for connecting the sensors and adjusting the parameters features an OLED screen, which ensures excellent legibility even in bright sunlight. 
3 operating modes are avilable in speed governor mode:
- Motor speed regulation 
- Motor speed limiting 
- Rotor speed regulation
All essential information from the receiver is available via the S-BUS socket using a single lead; even the collective pitch position can be interrogated for optimum regulatory performance. 
Electronics box 
Combined gyro and speed governor in one case, for maximum possible communication speed. 
With bright, high-contrast OLED screen (128 x 36 dots). 
Firmware update possible using CIU-2 adapter. 
Support for digital servos (1520µs) and digital servos (760 µs) 
With S-BUS socket. 
Collective pitch signal interrogation with F/F mixer (S-BUS only) Switchable F3C or F3D mode

Gyro range 
Wide dynamic regulatory range of +/- 1200°/sec. 

Speed governor range 
Wide speed range 1000 - 3000 rpm Rotational speed compensation for tail rotor control, selectable speed governor or speed limiter mode, storage of max. rotational speed value.


1 x GY 701 electronics box
1 x gyro sensor
1 x rotational speed sensor
1 x sensor mount
2 x magnets
1 x mini-screwdriver
3 x protective caps
3 x adhesive pads
2 x extension leads